Agricultural Consulting Services

- Agricultural Consulting Services
– Agriculture and Rural Development
The activity of Seneca Agro Business Consulting in this area covers the early stages of the agro-food chain value: Agricultural Production and Livestock —- Storage, preservation and post-harvest treatment.
Improvements in production processes ensure a better income for farmers, higher food availability and a better quality of them. Furthermore, the design and creation of storage and processing infrastructure are essential to guarantee the preservation of products and adding value, offering producers the opportunity to get better prices for their products.
The services offered in this area are integrated into the following sub-sectors:
• Pre-feasibility and viability studies of investment projects
• Commissioning production farms
• Design and installation of irrigation projects
• Crop protection and improvement of cultivation techniques (increased yield, improved quality, and local adaptation to soil conditions, climate change adaptation)
• Post-harvest management
• Storage and maintenance (design and construction of silos and cold storage)
• Market access: source distribution and marketing
• direction and management of agricultural exploitations:

- Studies and planning operations
- Selection of varieties
- Orchards
- Introduction of new technologies
- Agribusiness
In addition to supporting agricultural production, the company also includes the phases of treatment and food processing, having performed numerous turn-key projects for food processing industries. We also have experience working in the latter stages: access to markets and reaching the final consumer..
- Development and implementation of self-management programs in food processing facilities (HACCP).
- Food processing
The work done by the company in the area of agribusiness, fall into the following areas:
· Pre-feasibility studies and feasibility for investment projects
· Design, construction and commissioning of food processing plants (Olive mills, cold storage for preservation, processing of cereals, horticultural products, meat products, …)
· Process engineering and automation
· Food safety, occupational safety, environmental protection and animal welfare
· Quality assurance and control procedures
– Organic Farming
– Olive growing
– Environment
- Environmental Impact Studies

- Environmental Impact Reports

- Studies of contaminated soils, for mining

– Plant nurseries
– Grant management
– Cartography and GIS. Planimetric and altimetric surveys, geodetic support, demarcation for plots, lands for agricultural work and other productive sectors